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Meet the Founder

By April 3, 2021No Comments

I worked in barbershops for years and I just knew there was a way to make the experience of getting a men’s haircut better! Better for the clients and better for the hard-working barbers in our industry.

Megan Praner

Megan Praner, owner of Tailor Barber Co.

Better Haircuts

We provide full education and training for all of our staff. Did you know most barbershops do zero training and have a 15 min time standard for each haircut? So you may have felt rushed or nervous that your stylist didn’t know what they were doing. They probably didn’t!

Better Culture

We focus on creating a true TEAM culture. Have you ever felt like you were “cheating” on your barber? That’s because a lot of shops run as individual businesses leaving barbers fighting over clients for their livelihood.

We changed ALL of that. You can be confident you have an expertly trained barber and you can book on your time. We hope to get you handsome soon!

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